Faith To Shine – Tania Laubscher

Feeling overwhelmed and lacking in confidence as a mother and business owner?

Do you wish to create a more fulfilling life for yourself and your children but feel overwhelmed by the lack of guidance and resources to help you achieve your goals and dreams?

    I know how it feels; I was broken from childhood, chose to be a single mother twice, and lacked the guidance to create   health and wealth. I have learnt the hard way, and I’m still learning as I continue achieving my life and business goals.

   I understand that you may face challenging times, lack self-confidence, and feel overwhelmed and unsupported while struggling to find your place in the world. I know the feeling; I felt so worthless for many years choosing alcohol for happiness and marijuana to help me sleep and forget my problems. I’m far from perfect and had to do much healing and learning about online business to be here. You are the reason I continued and persevered with the goal of creating.

An empowering community for mothers with a growing library of resources and mentoring for mothers who desire more in life but are struggling to achieve their goals, I include weekly live group mentoring to guide and assist you in creating the life of your dreams. I made it super affordable, so it’s within your reach because many things were not for me in my time of need.

I know you have the power, resilience and determination within you to make positive changes and transform your life and create future financial security for yourself and your children! You are no longer alone, beautiful Mama. 

I know what it’s like to share my goals, dreams, and visions with others to be told it’s impossible and receive no encouragement to pursue them. It was a long lonely journey that I know very well. However, I learned a lot along the way, and now I am excited to share it ALL with you. I also have some fantastic women lined up for guest appearances to fast-track your healing process if you choose to work with them.

It’s time for Mothers everywhere to get out of survival mode and into success mode!

In the Shine with the Confidence mentorship, I will inspire, encourage and equip you with tools and resources, financial strategies, self-love techniques and more through mentoring, ebooks, courses, journals and more!

Are you ready to take back control, achieve greatness and transform your life?

Join other mothers and me in Shine with Confidence for Mentoring and start your Transformation journey today at the foundation price for a limited time! $17AUD/month, and get instant access to a portal of resources. This introductory price will stay the same for you when the price increases as long as your subscription reoccurs monthly.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Shine with Confidence community and being part of your incredible journey toward self-discovery and creating a better life for yourself and your family today!

It’s time to replace fear, self-doubt, low confidence and limiting beliefs with confidence, courage, happiness and prosperity!

Join TODAY for ONLY $17/MONTH! Save $80/month

A Monthly Access Pass gives you access to…

Weekly LIVE Community Mentoring

Join me each week LIVE on a Zoom call as we dive deep into POWERFUL life-changing strategies
you can implement immediately to start receiving transformation.

  • Uncover Limiting Beliefs
  • Receive Inspiration and Empowerment to make better choices
  • Discover strategies to make money online
  • And so much more

If you can’t make the live sessions, you get access to the replays.

 Each month we will have a new theme, and all resources will cover the theme for ultimate value, breakthrough and transformation.

New Quarterly E-course

Every quarter a new e-course will be released with all support resources.
  • Transformational Guides
  • Playbooks for Success
  • Success-lists
  • Video recordings
  • 24/7 Access

Go through the e-courses at your own pace each month; join me in the Zoom room live each week as we go through the content and ask questions. OR listen to the replays at your leisure.

Growing Library of Digital Resources

24/7 Access to other valuable resources and tools to enhance your life.
  • Wellness
  • Quick & Healthy Recipes
  • Affirmations
  • Planners
  • Journals
  • and more


You are NEVER ALONE with 24/7 access to Shine with Confidence Facebook Community. This is where we support, empower, and cheer each other on while making new friendships.
  • Organised posts
  • Bonus Content
  • Daily interaction
  • VIP invitations and offers

You can access the current month’s resources here. New monthly resources are added at the
beginning of each month, and previous months’ resources are stored in the portal.

You will have a login account with Library access if you hold a current monthly pass.

For a limited time, you can become a Foundational Family Member, which means you will
secure the foundational pricing for the duration of your membership.


 JOIN TODAY as a FOUNDATIONAL Member for ONLY $17AUD/month and SAVE $80 a month. 


Become a 12-month Foundational Membership and save more pay ONLY $97AUD today and save $1,097 a year.

What Others Are Say

 “Valuable information you are sharing. It is helping me focus on myself. Thanks!” 

Brendalee T, Virtual Assistant

 “Thank You, Tania, for being a faithful servant of our Father… lil messages like this mean so much tome! May the Lord keep blessing you abundantly.”

 Melaina P, Home Executive Full Time Mummy

“Thank you for the gentle reminder to not only look after myself but assess my mindset, and it’s ok
to feel good.” 

Monique R, Studying Mum at Full Time Step Mummy

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