Living In The Now

Learn How Living in the Present Helps You Live a Better, Happier, More Successful Life.


Are You…

Struggling to create the success you desire in your career, relationships life or business?

Imagine having the success you desire in your life and business. What would that look like for you?

Imagine being able to navigate through life with more ease, joy and happiness, in your life, business or career.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful and life-changing?

It would mean:

• You are living a happier more fulfilling life you love

• You have better self-esteem and more confidence

• You are more aware of how you are in control of you life and navigating the life you live.

•  You overcome obstacles that you may face quicker with confidence.

Yet, even when you know you desire this life so much you still struggle to achieve the success you desire in your career, relationships, life and business because there’s a good chance you are stuck in the past or too focused on the future.

I hear you…

You don’t have to be in this situation much longer! I know what it’s like to struggle and get nowhere.

I used to be like You Until I Got Comfortable With Mastering The Art Of Living In The Now.

Sadly, most of the advice out there about moving on from the past is not life changing.

It doesn’t help when your friends, family, and even so-called experts pressure you because they don’t take the time to understand you completely. “They tell you how you should or could be if you did this or that.”

As you know very well, it not that simple and this leads to the feeling of failure, shame, and blame.

What you might not know is that there are techniques and practices that can help you break-free, accelerate your success and help you get back on track.

Fortunately, they are easy to master and apply and you can start applying them today and start seeing the results.

“You are NO LONGER ALONE” Keep reading to Discover How Living In The Now Can Help You Live A Better, More Successful Life.

Hi I am…. Tania Laubscher

Why should you care who am I?

The simple answer is, unless you struggle in your finances, career, relationships life or business, you probably shouldn’t.

But if you do and you want to know why someone who used to be a Remedial Massage Therapist, studied Natural Wellness spending countless hours dedicating themselves to finding a way to go from struggling in all areas of her life and business to having more CLARITY & CONFIDENCE and LIVING HER DREAM LIFE WITH MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME then you might just want to pay attention.

Let me re-introduce myself. Hello my name is TANIA LAUBSCHER and I’m a master at starting over again and recreating my life. I’m also a Spiritual Faith Based Holistic Life & Business Mentor. Pleased to meet you. My heart is to help as many mothers as possible to go from struggling and suffering silently to confidently loving themselves and living the bright new life they created.

Success Is Something We All Strive Towards.

Everyone wants to be successful in all aspects of their life. Yet, too often we get in our own way by being stuck in the past or focusing too much on the future.


When you invest in your future today, over the few days you will learn:

  • How living in the past or future leaves you no room to enjoy life right now.
  • How living in the present can help you become more joyful, happier and appreciative.
  • How success doesn’t bring you happiness.
  • How living in the now can strengthen your relationships
  • How living in the now makes you more resilient
  • Techniques for becoming more aware of living now in the the current moment
  • How to overcome obstacles life throws at you
  • How to get back on track if you find yourself loosing focus
  • and so much more

You’ll also receive:

Bonus Success Booklets and Success-lists for each guide PLUS Video’s for each week coming soon.


If you are tired of struggling in your career, relationships, life and business or any other areas of your life,

Get Living In The Now E-Course today for

ONLY $27.

For a Limited Time and save $177.

Living In The Now:


How Living In The Present Helps You Live A Better, More Successful Life.

When we live in the past or the future, we leave no room to enjoy life right now. But if we can learn to live in the present, we will become more joyful, happier and appreciative. When you’re happier, you will be more successful. That’s right, success doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness brings success.

If you’ve been struggling with success, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re too focused on the past or the future. You need to grab this 4-part e-course and discover how living in the present can boost your success.

Living In The Now E-course will teach you everything you need to know about being more present in your life and how to live a better, happier more successful life. You are about to take more control of your life and gain more confidence. How doe’s it get better that that? What else is possible?

By following the steps in this powerful course you will start noticing changes IMMEDIATELY.

  • If you are tired of struggling and never progressing in life, this is for you!

  • If you want to have a fresh start and a start creating a brighter future, this is for you!

You owe it to yourself to learn these simple but powerful steps taught in this e-course.

Discover The Powerful Practices That You’ll Learn In This Life-Changing e-course: Living In The Now

Learn How Living in the Present Helps You Live a Better, Happier, More Successful Life.

Part 1

How Living In The Now Helps You Live A Better, More Successful Life.

Learn what it actually means and looks like to be living in the now so you can be more productive in life and create great habits that will get you where you want to be in life so you can focus on the important things in life and business.

Part 2

Techniques For Living In The Now

Living in the now is something that can bring joy and peace to your life. While it sounds like being fully present in your life is easy, it’s something that can feel difficult. Learn the techniques to help you live in the now so you can enjoy your life and be successful in your business.

Part 3

How To Plan For Your Future Even When You’re Living In The Now

Living in the now means being fully aware of the present moment. It means focusing on today.  Learn here what to keep in mind when planning for your future while being fully aware of the present moment.

Part 4

How To Get Back on Track When You’re Focused on the Past or Future

Staying present is hard if you keep focusing on the past or the future. Both are unproductive places. All you really have is now but it’s hard to appreciate the beautiful moment you’re in when you’re distracted by the past or the future. Learn here how to overcome these mental blocks and stay present…


Downloadable Success Booklets and Success List for each Guide

You get 4 Playbooks (PDF) to accompany each one of the guides so you can stay on track while planning and setting goals.

PLUS 4 Success-lists (PDF) that will give you a summary of what steps to take based on each of the instructional guides.

Extra Bonus


To enhance your transformation and success we are including complimentary videos for each part. The videos will be added into the storage vault where you will have login access to access your course 27/4.

PLUS for this Launch ONLY: You’re invited to join me LIVE and complete the 4 weeks with me and ask questions.

Ready to enjoy your life more and be more successful?

OR receive the Living in the Now e-course PLUS access ongoing monthly inspirational, motivational, encouraging e-courses, tools, resources, weekly LIVE group coaching in a PRIVATE non judgmental supportive community, of mothers who have committed to living their BEST LIFE & SHINING with CONFIDENCE. 

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Tania Laubscher, Creator of Living In The Now Course.

This All Sounds Great But…

How Is The Course Delivered?

You will receive course login details via the email address you used to register for the course. You will find links available to download the guides and bonus PDFs also.

What If I'm Not Good With Technology?

That’s OK, You will receive a weekly email with PDF files attached so you can save, download and print the material each week.

How Long Will I Be Able To Access This Course?

As long as the course is available and not retired you will have login access to it and any future upgrades. If by any chance we do retire it you will receive a months notice via email.

Do You Offer 1 on 1 Support?

Yes, You can take advantage of the special offer when you register to UPGRADE and access 1 on 1 private sessions with me.

Do You Offer Refunds?

You can request a refund within 30 days of receipt, by submitting a support ticket with a refund request to: After the 30-day refund period is over, you acknowledge that no refunds for any portion of your payment will be provided to you at any time. By using and/or purchasing any of our Programs, Products, Services or Program Materials, you understand and agree to the 30 day refund period.

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Why Is This Course Priced Low?

The Course is priced low because it is new. However the price will be increasing to $197 in the near future. So grab it now, save and get access to any upgrades.

What is Shine with Faith?

Access to an on going coaching library with new training resources added every month to support you in building a brighter life and business without the confusion, indecision and overwhelm.  

Is There Any Other Support?

Yes, via email or over the 4 weeks launch in the private Facebook community OR you can access ongoing weekly access to me and daily access to other women on the same journey in the Shine with Faith Community.

There are limited spots for Private VIP Coaching Sessions if you would like to work with me and enhance your results. 

Ready to get focused & start creating that attractive lifestyle you see yourself living?

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