Keys to living Abundantly in Your Life & Business?

Are you ready to SHINE with CONFIDENCE, enjoy life more and start living the life you desire without guilt and shame. It’s time to start doing what your heart desires and living an abundant life.

Living Joyfully, Fearlessly & Abundantly is your Birthright.


  • Discover TRUTHS and ACCESS SECRETS that the SUCCESSFUL know live-by & charge THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to ACCESS. 

  • STOP spinning your wheels in life, get UNSTUCK and START LIVING the LIFE you are WORTHY of living with more…


It’s time to start living your abundant life today by learning the keys to living an abundant life because you are worth it.


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What I Do


If you are… struggling to feel good enough and are working to create a better life for you and your family?

OR You are… struggling with people in your life that hurt you and don’t appreciate you?

Then SHINE with  CONFIDENCE is for you.

Don’t let another year pass you by start today!


Take your life or business to the next level with our unique 6-week signature program, Amazing Grace  Living Life The Kingdom Way.

Our proven step by step system uncovers the lies of the enemy and replaces them with the living word of God so you can FAST TRACK being the GIFT God created you to be in the world today.

Virtual Business Services

I know the FRUSTRATION of chasing FREEBIES, buying courses and still spinning your wheels in business; it took me six years to figure it ALL out!!

I’m the glue between all the courses and FREEBIES that ONLY give you parts of what you need. That’s my unique difference! I guide you, teach you or DO IT FOR YOU.

Let’s meet over zoom and see if we are a great fit! Book your complimentary zoom call with me today here.

Hi Beautiful,

I’m so blessed & honored you are here!

Why should you care who am I?

The simple answer is, unless you are struggling in your life and business, you probably shouldn’t.

But if you are struggling and want to know why someone who used to find herself struggling in life attracting Domestic Violence & Narcissistic relationships with men addicted to drugs, ending up as a single mum twice was able to turn her life around. And go from STRUGGLING IN LIFE AND BUSINESS to HAVING MORE CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and LIVING HER DREAM LIFE setting herself up with MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME then you might want to pay attention.
My name is TANIA LAUBSCHER, and I’m a woman of Valor expert of starting over again and recreating my life. I like to think of myself as a POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL HOLISTIC FAITH-BASED LIFE & BUSINESS MENTOR. I’m honoured to meet you.

Notes of Appreciation

Anytime I get stuck with something on Facebook, Mailchimp or some tech thing your there for me to get me going again....... I love your work girl !!!! how does it get better than this?"

Bernice Smith

Thank you, Tania, as well your advice and help has meant so much to me and I can't wait to move forward and learn about you more and work with you more.

Amanda M

Tell me How I have helped you and be featured here

Tania xx


How to Experience Abundant Happiness
How to Experience Abundant Happiness

Choosing happiness is a choice that we get to choose. It's true. You are entirely in control of your reactions to situations in life. You can choose to be optimistic and happy no matter what challenges life brings.  We were born to naturally experience happiness, so...


On What's Happening & What's New! Receive Updates & SPECIAL Offers.

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